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Sep 17, 2019 · To control the rate: 1. Go to language and input, or access the tts settings. Under vocalizer tts, click settins for vocalizer tts..

Metric Acronym Definition Application Tips about using this metric Occupancy (also called utilization) OCC Total handle time divided by total time signed into the queue expressed as a percent. § Occupancy is the amount of time an agent spends either talking or in after call work from handling a customer call. § Since agentscannot control ....

Non-voice jobs can be performed by people with physical disabilities, mental disabilities, learning disabilities or other types of impairments. For example, a person with.

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The active voice is a type of grammatical voice in which the subject is also the agent of the verb—i.e., it performs the action expressed by the verb. Active Voice..

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